Returning the Publishing and Entertainment Space back to the creator of the Content

Branding and Design

FM's designers will create the brand image for you that helps set you a part form others in your space.

Your book cover, interior design, book website, brand (author) logo, and relevant packaging and marketing materials are all covered by us. 

Product Marketing

Our experts will help you discover the influences, the outlets, and the customers you need.

Together we'll craft a marketing plan that will ensure that puts your work in the spotlight. We want every project to be the most-talked about.

The publishing process

Publishing a book is no easy feat. Our team of experienced copy editors, design artists, and publishing agents will help you take your work and craft it, list it, and sell it as a masterpiece in your field.

Digital Media

Our team of digital experts are on here to develop your mobile app, launch the website for your business, or help you craft the social media profile that will get you followers and bring you business. 

About Future Minds

Future Minds was founded to take back the content industry from the biggest publishing houses, entertainment labels, and traditional marketplaces that profit so heavily off of other's intellectual property.

We hold the future of our industry, and the world, in our hands. We are going to push the boundaries and upset some people along the way because we are going to disrupt the comfort zones they've become accustomed to. 

We are going to change the marketplace for writers, artists, and entertainers who want to change the world with their work. 


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